Hi, I'm Memer, and I own a lot of action figures.

A lot.

A lot.

So here is where I will be sharing some pictures and facts about them. Not a lot of facts- they're toys, they don't do much- but some facts nonetheless.

Sometimes, I like to chop my figures up and use the pieces to make new ones! This hobby is known as customizing, and I will soon have a brief primer available about the hobby and the different types of customs people like to make.

There may eventually be tutorials on how I make customs. Spoiler: it involves buying a lot of 3D printed heads on eBay.

I also like to make displays! This mainly got started because I got very jealous of the crazy sets that railroad modelers build and realized that literally nothing was stopping me from doing that myself. Well, nothing other than limited living space, anyway. Some displays are simple: I once posed my Tony Stark and Pepper Potts together ~romantically~ and added some ribbons, glitter, and paper hearts. Some are a bit more elaborate: it really is astounding what you can make if you go raid the railroad modeling section of Hobbytown.

You will notice that very, very, very few of my figures are in their original packaging. This is because I do not collect them for the purpose of reselling them later. I also do not collect them for the purpose of displaying them in the packaging. People who do those things may be rich but are very likely sad.

You will also notice that many of my figures are missing parts, accessories, or pieces of clothing. That's because I steal pieces from other figures as needed and also sometimes lose them. I also sometimes buy whole figures I don't even care about so that I can harvest their parts for use in projects. I also sometimes buy figures I already have because I do care about that one but also want to pop off its hands, feet, and cape for a project.

I could be pretentious here and talk about the arts of customizing and displaying, or even the art of creating action figures; I actually do have very strong opinions about the way the industry is moving towards scanning and rendering the faces and bodies of actors to make figs of their characters, instead of using sculptors to create a good but not photo-accurate likeness.

But the truth is, I like to play with them. In an artsy playing-Frankenstein-with-their-pieces kind of way a lot of the time, and I've loved making ways to display them since I was a kid. But I also sometimes do this.

So have fun looking around at the weird nerd shit I do. :D?